The first Art in Science | Science in Art opened in January 2007. It was a juried exhibition of images made by University of Colorado-affiliated scientists and artists. Scientists were asked to submit images that they made as part of their everyday work. Artists whose images illustrate or offer insights into scientific principles were also asked to take part. The question we was asking: If a scientist makes an image that looks like art, is that a happy accident or are some scientists intentionally making their work more "artistic" than strictly necessary? And if so... why?

On Display

Jeffrey Buesing (UCD),
Bradley Olwin (UCB), D. Cornelison (UMO)

In Defense of Science
Eowyn Burke (UCB)

Daniel Chan (UCD)

Feather-Like Crystal
Hui-Yu Chen (UCB)

Abstract 1
Magdalena Glogowska (AMC)

Flaming Oranges
Dustin Grace (UCB), Marilyn Poon (UCB), Robert Neilson (UCB), Jessica Todd (UCB)

Saffman-Taylor Instability
Dustin Grace (UCB), Jessica Todd (UCB), Marilyn Poon (UCB), Robert Neilson (UCB)

Kelly Grant (AMC), Dave W. Raible (AMC)

“Murano glass" rendition of the heme domain of FixL
Ralph Jimenez (JILA, UCB)

Pussy Willow Branches Caught up in a Spring Time Snowstorm
Bette K. Kleinschmidt-DeMasters (AMC)

Starting Vortex
Tanner Ladtkow (UCB), Geneva Wilkesanders (UCB), Tim Read (UCB), Andrea Fabri (UCB), Jean Hertzberg (UCB)

Holy (Ice) Sheet!
John Maurer (CIRES/NSIDC)

High-resolution Global Climate Model
Don Middleton (UCAR)

Neuron in Cell Culture
Wes Perrine (AMC)

Ice Cliff, Columbia Glacier, Alaska
W. Tad Pfeffer (INSTAAR/CEAE, UCB)

Infrared Kiss
Lannie Pihajlic (FOC)

Plexiform Pulmonary Artery
Carlyne D. Cool (AMC),
Jane Parr (AMC)

Marshall Dines (AMC)

The Chicken AND the Egg(s)
Jim Heath(AMC), Vic Spitzer (AMC)

Untitled #8
Courtney Hoskins (UCB)

Cast Iron from the US Capitol Dome
Chris McCowan (NIST)

Turbulent Solar Plume
Joey Mendoza (NCAR), Mark Rast (NCAR)

Mathematical Universe
Sue Simon (AMC)

Arrivederci Roma Rosa
Chiara Solimini (UCB),
Fabio Pacifici (UCB)

Flow of the Kuroshio Current
Dave Brown (NCAR), Frank Bryan (NCAR), Tim Scheitlin (NCAR)

I Called to Tell You About the Clouds
Steve Voran (NTIA)

Timberley Roane (UCD-DDC)

Anna Ursyn (UNCO)

Brian Shucker (UCB)

Human Cough
Meg VanSciver (UCB), Jean Hertzberg (UCB)

Exclusively Online

Rescued Mutant
Kelly Grant (AMC)

The World Is Broken
Courtney Hoskins (UCB)

Golgi Stack In Bridal Attire
Byung-Ho Kang (UCB)

Caries Progression Through Human Enamel and Dentin
Donald J. Kleier (AMC)

2D and 3D Combined
Chris Lee (AMC), Vic Spitzer (AMC)

Very Low Carbon Steel
Chris McCowan (NIST)

Thirteenski (2006)
Douglas McKenna (UCB)

Digital Topographic Landscape of Colorado
Karl Mueller (UCB)

Emulsion Deconstruction
Tim Read (UCB)

Variations on a Theme of Macrophages
Elizabeth Redente (AMC), Ronald Bouchard (VAMC)

Prostatic Tissue Compartments
Francisco G. La Rosa (AMC), Scott Lucia (AMC)

Silicon Ion Trap
Joe Britton (NIST)

Living Histopathology
Jesse Skoch (AMC), Brian Bacskai (Harvard), Bradley Hyman (Harvard)

Laurel Swift (UCB)

Rose-Like SmA Liquid Crystal
Hui-Yu Chen (UCB)

Kathleen Ferguson (TCH)

Flower-Like Banana Liquid Crystal
Hui-Yu Chen (UCB)

Courtney Hoskins (UCB)

Spine of the Continent
Karl Mueller (UCB)

Smoke Plume
Christopher Bonilha (UCB)

Elegant C. elegans
Lai Kuan Goh (AMC), Tom Evans (AMC)

Lisa Litzenberger (AMC)

p16: A Molecular Marker of Cervical Cancer
Kenneth R. Shroyer (AMC)

Simulated Clinical Trial Data with Nonlinear, Nonignorable Dropout
Samantha MaWhinney (AMC), Jeri Forster (AMC)

Laser Light Math: Music to the Eye
Merrill J. Lessley (UCB)

Urine Trouble!
Tim Bren (Sashco Inc.), Andy Spoelstra (Sashco Inc.) Nicole Spoelstra (AMC)

Yin-Yang of the Adaptive Immune System
Raul M. Torres (NJC, AMC)

Roman Brunecky (AMC)

Leaves Reveal Themselves for the First Time
Sam Holloway (UCB)

Doppler Fishes
Sarah LeVine (UCB)

Colorful Silk Made By SmC Liquid Crystal
Hui-Yu Chen (UCB)

Skulls In Skulls
Susan McNevin (AMC)

Sit There Until You Eat It
Susan Rubin (DBG)

Power Radiated by a Leaky Waveguide
Arttu Luukanen (NIST)

The Topography of a Quantum Dot
Vinod Tewary (NIST)

Shodo ("The Way of Writing")
Richard J. McMurtrey (AMC)